Monday, October 28, 2013

13 & 14 Weeks , Zoey is growing !

So I have a confession to make .... I am obsess with my daughter. I love her so much and Ive only had her for 3 months how is this possible.
Everyday I take about 50000000 pictures of her and all I want to do is post them on FB, instagram and any other social media. I am one of does mom's that people get tire of seeing post of their baby after another post... I need to stop !

Zoey is 14 weeks and growing so fast. She has been kind off fussy the past 2 days, we just found out she just started teething =(. She can hold her feet, her head is stronger and she stared  to roll over. She still sleeps her 10 hrs and she decided that she likes her hand more than her binky.

Here are some of picture "more pictures" lol

She e loves to see herself in the mirror 

Her hair is long enough for two pony tails 

Made her a Bow organizer for 14 dollars =)

Sometimes ZOey doesn't know if she wants to cry or laugh ... her emotion are all over just like her mom ... lol 

Hope everything is well 

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The past 3 Weeks

So is been about 3 weeks that I dont post and I have some many cute pictures of Zoey that I dont know which ones to post. In addition the past three weeks Zoey has grown so much. Her head is more stable, she sleeps 10 hrs and she laughs. It is crazy how fast she is growing, I want to stop time.

Zoey and I took a nice vacation in Florida with my parent for two weeks and it was the most amazing thing except the fact that Dallin was not there with us. We went to the pool, spend lots of times with Gradmom and Gradpa and she even got a tan. In addition, I got to see all of my high school friends and have a welcome shower for Zoey so everyone could get to know her. I have to say that we are so bless for everyone that came to the shower and help my mom to prepared the shower. Also I am so bless for everyones gift, Zoey is a a very bless baby. 

Here are some of the pictures of this trip... 

Metting Grad-mom Crane
We spend some time with Melissa and Sam 

our two month picture 

uncle Sam   

Grad-pa Zarate 

Meeting Lao ( my best friend since 5th Grade)

Ashley my partner in crime since hight school

Erica she is like family. 

Oh yeah This doesnt happen every day 

She was so exited to be at the pool 

she was 10 weeks here 

Gran-pa working so hard for the baby shower 

Grad-mom working even harder for Zoey's shower 

My mom taught her to hold her bottle

Dinner night for Lao's birthday 

Deni & ashley got a hold of my phone 

How much I miss them already .. our friendship will always be forever 

I can fit on my ten grade pair of pans 

The Big day for Zoey 

Sister Hanson 

Carla and her baby Regain 

Maria Paula 

Raul & zachary 

They will always take over my phone and take picture of themselves 

Saying goodbye to Gradmom and Gradpa 

Zoeys closet, she is very bless (Thanks for everyones present) 

She is 11 weeks here 

I love this girl so much I have no words to describe it. Our family has been so bless and this years has been one of the best years for me. Being a mother is not easy but I have to say it is extremely 
rewarding. Specially after hearing Zoey laugh